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SPSD After Hours Help-lines Available

After Hours Help Lines
South Panola School District teachers may not be available to answer questions for distance students after school hours via phone call or email until the next school day.
For this reason, SPSD has set up after hours help-lines at each school for immediate help. These help-lines may be used for answering questions about material/homework or technical questions.
Help-lines are open from 5-7 p.m. Mon.- Thurs. See below a list of help-line numbers for each school:

Pope School

Phone Number    Grade/Configuration
662-563-1325    ELA/Social Studies/Activities
662-563-3732    Math/Science

Batesville Elementary School

Phone Number    Grade/Configuration
662-563-4596    Pre-K
662-563-6083    Kindergarten
662-563-6080    1st

Batesville Intermediate School

Phone Number   Grade/Configuration
662-563-6070   2nd
662-563-7834   3rd


Batesville Middle School

Phone Number   Grade/Configuration
662-563-0105    4th and 5th ELA
662-563-3174    4th and 5th Math / 5th Science

Batesville Junior High School

Phone Number   Grade/Configuration
662-563-6321   6th - 8th Math and Science
662-563-6324   6th - 8th ELA, Social Studies, and Electives

South Panola High School

Phone Number    Grade/Configuration
662-563-6088    9th & 11th
662-563-3818    10th & 12th