August AR winners

    • January -15

    • Feburary- 15

    • March-10 

    • April/May-15



    Please allow your child to play the game "Prodigy" during their spare time if they have access to a computer. Prodigy is a math game that I have set up for them to login and play under our class. The game is very educational and provides extra data for each standard that I have assigned to them. It is extra practice, but also very fun for them


    Light/Behavior Folder

    • Green- Great Job!
    • Yellow- Warning No Recess
    • Orange- No Recess/Silent Lunch 
    • Red- 3rd Warning (Silent Lunch, No Recess, Parent Contact)
    • Blue- Office Refferal (Classroom Consequences for Red Light) 



        Class Rewards