Miss Amelia Bailey

Phone: 662-563-4596


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Music Education from the University of Mississippi

Miss Amelia Bailey

Music Class with Miss Bailey ♥

Hello and welcome to another year of school! My name is Miss Amelia Bailey, and I am absolutely thrilled to be teaching your child music! This will be my third year at BES! I am a graduate of the University of Mississippi, and I have a degree in music education. I graduated with honors and in the top ten of the College of Liberal Arts. I have a passion for educating young minds and am eager to start this new school year! I have grown up in the Batesville community and am so happy that I get to give back to it!

This year, we will have tons of fun in music! Your child will begin to develop musical skills including being able to differentiate between notes, tempos, dynamics, and rhythms! We will dance, sing, play instruments, and create a lot of happy faces! This class is different from other classes because it incorporates all of the other subject areas into one classroom! You might ask, “How is that possible”? Music is math because it is rhythmically based on the subdivisions of time into fractions! Music is history because it reflects the country of which it is created, and songs are passed down through generations! Music is language because it separates sentences into phrases and helps with phonetics and reading! Music is physical education due to the coordination of the fingers, hands, arms, and facial muscles! Music is all these things, but it is mostly ART! It allows children to take all of these techniques and use them to create emotion!