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    1.   South Panola Typing Club                   

    2.  Basics of JavaScript.   HTML skills, CSS skills, and JavaScript skills are essential for web design and app design. Before we learn app design, we will cover JavaScript and CSS. Students have already mastered a basic knowlege of HTML. Now, let's build on those skills before we go to app design in

        First task:

        Youtube video:  Intro to JavaScript: Click here for Video

        2nd Task:

        Students can learn the basics of JavaScript on, on the left side of the screen, work down the contents and practice each skill.

        There are skill quizzes and tests as you build your knowledge.

        Click the link below:

         JavaScript Tutorials and Exercises


    Here is a Quizlet after you have become familiar with the videos and tutorials above: JavaScript Quizlet Review






    Students will be able to:

      1. 1.       Identify and explore user needs to understand the purposes of design. DOK3, CS6,CS7,CS8,CS9,CS10,CS11,CS12,CS13,CS14,CS15

        a.              Express opinions respectfully and effectively

        b.              Critically evaluate an object for how well its design meets a given set of needs

        c.              Identify empathy for the user as an important component of the design process

        d.              Distinguish between creator needs and the needs users

        • Perform Keyboarding applications. DOK2, CS9, CS10, CS11, CS13, CS15
            1. Demonstrate proper hand, finger, and body position when using a keyboard. (ongoing)
            2. Use correct finger reaches. (ongoing)
            3. Perform touch typing by keying words, sentences, and paragraphs (ongoing)
            4. Demonstrate speed and accuracy with the touch keyboard
        • Identify basic key functions and keyboard shortcuts associated with the QWERTY keyboard