• t February 17-21, 2020                


    1.   South Panola Typing Club                   

    2.  Create a new folder in your student folder (your named folder found at This PC). Right click to create a new folder named "WEB DESIGN".

        There is a packet of work on each computer station – Lesson 1 - Introduction to Dreamweaver



     HTML Characters

    FOR TSA 

     W3 Schools  

    Foundations of IT

          LINK 1      LINK 2

    Cyber Security 1 





    Students will be able to:

      1. 1.       Identify and explore user needs to understand the purposes of design. DOK3, CS6,CS7,CS8,CS9,CS10,CS11,CS12,CS13,CS14,CS15

        a.              Express opinions respectfully and effectively

        b.              Critically evaluate an object for how well its design meets a given set of needs

        c.              Identify empathy for the user as an important component of the design process

        d.              Distinguish between creator needs and the needs users

        • Perform Keyboarding applications. DOK2, CS9, CS10, CS11, CS13, CS15
            1. Demonstrate proper hand, finger, and body position when using a keyboard. (ongoing)
            2. Use correct finger reaches. (ongoing)
            3. Perform touch typing by keying words, sentences, and paragraphs (ongoing)
            4. Demonstrate speed and accuracy with the touch keyboard
        • Identify basic key functions and keyboard shortcuts associated with the QWERTY keyboard