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    Cyber Foundations is a course for 7th grade students.  During Cyber Foundations, students will study interpersonal skills, basic technology operation and technology concepts, ethical issues in technology, keyboarding, technology communication tools, social media issues, multimedia presentation, word processing , and spreadsheet applications.
    In 8th grade Cyber Foundations II, students will build upon the skills learned in 7th grade and expand them as they study database applications, design applications, graphic design applications, high school planning, and career preparation.


    Attendance and participation are critical to student success in Cyber Foundations I and II because the bulk of the coursework is completed in class, and tasks build in complexity.  Over the course of the school year you will complete a variety of tasks and assignments including webquests, blogs, wikis, discussion boards, timed writings, written assignments, career exploration activities, group and individual projects, and online quizzes. 


    Just a note. . .

    Occasionally, students will need a pen/pencil, but no additional supplies are necessary for Cyber Foundations and ICT II.  Donations, however, of yellow highlighters, Kleenex and, paper towels are welcome!
    Be sure to check out the 7th Grade Cyber Foundations I and 8th Grade Cyber Foundations II pages for updates each week.
    For further details about our class, please review the parent letters below.
    7th and 8th Grade can access the Typing Club web program by clicking the link.
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  • For questions about Cyber Foundations, please contact Mrs. Doubleday at cdoubleday@spanola.net.