• A virtual learning option will be offered to all students who meet the requirements. Parents may enroll their child in virtual learning starting Monday, August 23, 2021. To enroll in virtual learning, parents MUST sign and return the virtual learning consent form to their child’s school. The virtual learning consent form can be found on page 7 of the virtual learning handbook. 


    Click here for the virtual learning handbook.


    Virtual Learning Reminders: 

    • Students must have reliable internet access during normal school hours
    • Paper packets are not an option 
    • Students must meet the attendance requirements 
    • Students must meet the code of conduct 
    • Students will have to come to campus to take state assessments 
    • Students must maintain at least a 75 cumulative average and a passing grade in each core subject (math, language, science, and social studies)
    • Students must stay enrolled in virtual learning for the entirety of the first nine weeks
    • MHSAA will not allow students to participate in extra-curricular activities such as athletics and fine arts
    • Students must remain in compliance with all District policies, handbooks, rules and regulations and said policies, handbooks, rules and regulations will apply to all virtual learning students. 




    Virtual students must be logged in to their Google Classroom and ready to participate in live instruction at the start of their first class. Teachers will have their live schedule posted to their Google Classroom. Students must participate in at least 63% of the day to be counted present. 



    Virtual Learning Help: