Pope Library
  •  Below are useful websites and other resources for students and parents which can be used in conjunction with the Pope Library.


    Magnolia Library Database


    Pope Library Card Catalog (available within the district only)


    Accelerated Reader


    Tumble Books

    Tumble Books allows students to ead books online, take quizzes and play games


    BJH Follett Shelf

    You may now access our Ebook Library. To read the books online, you must enter the follwoing information:

    Username: bjhlibrary

    Password: guest


    The Stacks (from Scholastic)

    Find out about new books, see book trailers, take quizzes, play games

    Fun Brain

    More awesome games and online comics - the original home of the "Wimpy Kid"

    Wacky Web Tales

    Like an online version of Mad Libs

    The Book Hive

    Find new books to read and enjoy cool online activities

    AR Bookfinder

    Type in your interests and your AR level and see what you can find. Don't forget to print out or write down your titles and bring them to the library to check out!

    Free Rice Trivia

    For each answer you get right, 10 grains of rice get donated through the World Hunger Program - have fun and do some good at the same time!


    A reading community for kids!


    Read books online, write reviews and have them published! For grades 4-12.


    Cool informative site - be sure and check out the Wonder of the Day

    Seriously Amazing

    Love those Weird but True books? Then Seriously Amazing is for you! Curated by The Smithsonian.