Batesville Intermediate School
  • About BIS


         Welcome to Batesville Intermediate School! BIS is a school of excellent quality and high expectations where everyone is respected as individuals. Third-graders are expected to lead the second-graders by being an example of hardworking, well-behaved students.


         BIS All students will find BIS to be a place where they are welcome, safe, and challenged to reach for their greatest personal and academic potential. Our motto, "Believe In Success," is found at the forefront of everything we do at BIS as we support our district's vision of providing "Educational Excellence for All Students."


         We ask all of our parents to get involved from the beginning with your child's education, which can be done in many practical ways. The most important activity in which to take part is reading to and with your child at least 20 minutes each day. We also ask that you encourage your child to behave in an appropriate manner; talk with your child about the school day; encourage healthy habits such as early bedtime and balanced meals; maintain a positive attitude about school and learning; get involved in the classroom and Booster Club; set high attainable expectations; and ensure that your child gets to school on time and does his/her work promptly.