• Vocabulary Words: (2 NW Week 7 & 8- December 2-13)

      Wordly Wise Lesson 7 Vocabulary

    Test on December 13th

    1. badge
    • a sign or mark to show that a person belongs to a certain group
    1. banner
    • a flag or other piece of cloth with words or signs on it
    1. corner
    • the place where two walls or two sides of something meet
    • the place where two streets come together
    • to force a person or animal into a place that is hard to get out of
    1. design
    • a pattern or arrangement of lines, shapes, or colors
    • to make a plan to show how something will look or how it will be made
    1. display
    • a public showing of things so that they can be looked at
    • to set something out for others to see
    1. fold
    • a mark or crease made when something is bent over on itself
    • to bend something over one or more times so that one part rests on another
    1. parade
    • many people marching or moving along together in a line done to enjoy or

    remember an event. There are often bands, cars, and flags.

    1. rectangle
    • a figure made from four straight lines. All four angles are the same size
    1. salute
    • to respect or honor in some way such as by raising the hand to the forehead
    1. tread
    • the grooved part of a tire that touches the ground as it moves
    • to walk or step on by bringing the feet down