• A single case of hepatitis A was reported Wednesday on the campus of Arkansas State University. A cafeteria worker was positively diagnosed and the kitchen was cleaned according to health department regulations that night. Students that dined in the cafeteria during the past two weeks have been identified, had their records checked for vaccination, and recieved a hepatitis vaccine as a precaution. The cafeteria reopened the next morning, as usual. As of Friday, no other person on campus has tested positive. The situation seems to be an isolated incident. No campus events or classes have been cancelled.

    Due to the concern of several parents, the South Panola Band will NOT attend Saturday's competition. No other bands have backed out, but, with the health and wellbeing of our students in mind, district officials don't want to put any student potentially in harm's way, no matter how small the likelihood.
    The staff and I were looking forward to our students' performance tomorrow, but have to put their safety first. I sincerely hope this news doesn't inconvenience any of you. Enjoy your weekend.