• Week 6 (Make sure to discuss synonyms of the vocabulary words with the students, and be able to use them in sentences.) 


    1. chasm – a deep crack or opening in the earth
    2. continent – one of the seven great land areas of the world. These are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, and Europe
    3. credit – 1. Honor or praise; a way of expressing thanks 2. A way of buying things and paying for them later.
    4. enable – to make possible; to give the means to bring about
    5. foul – 1. Having an unpleasant taste or smell 2. Stormy, with strong winds and heavy rain. 3. In sports, a move or play that is against the rules.
    6. gust – a sudden increase in the strength of the wind
    7. ordeal – an unpleasant, painful, or difficult experience or test.
    8. plateau – a broad, flat area of high ground
    9. rig – 1. To make or do something by using whatever is nearby To set up sails on a boat  3. A machine or construction that is used for a special purpose

    10.schedule – 1. A plan that gives expected times for different things to happen  2. A list of times when trains, buses, and airplanes arrive and leave.