special services
  • The Department of Special Services


         The Department of Special Services of the South Panola School District offers a wide range of programs to meet the individual needs of students. Eligible students are served as young as three and up to 21 years of age. Inclusion resource, and self-contained programs are available for students who meet the guidelines for special services. Speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are also offered to students as needed.


         The goal of the Department of Special Services is to provide support to the schools to enhance the educational opportunity in the regular curriculum. Prescribed programs for students with disabilities are implemented to keep the students in the least restrictive environment with the general education classroom being the ultimate goal.


         If you believe your child needs special education services, please contact your child’s teacher or principal or contact the Department of Special Services.


    LaSherry Irby


    Director of Special Programs and Services


    110 College Street, Batesville, MS


    Phone: 662-563-6057 


    Email: lirby@spanola.net

  • Amberly Chapman


    MTSS Coordinator


    Phone: 662-563-1437


    Email: achapman@spanola.net

  • Mary Bennett - No Photo Available


    Mary Bennett


    Assistant Director of Special Programs and Services


    110 College Street, Batesville, MS


    Phone: 662-563-6057


    Email: mbennett@spanola.net


  • Melinda Price - No Photo Available


    Melinda Price




    Phone: 662-563-6063


    Email: mprice@spanola.net

  • Phyllis Johnson


    Phyllis Johnson


    Special Programs and Services Secretary


    110 College Street, Batesville, MS


    Phone: 662-563-6058


    Email: pjohnson@spanola.net

  • Gina Pearson


    Gina Pearson


    Case Manager


    Phone: 662-563-6063


    Email: gpearson@spanola.net