• April/May

    Review all skills

    - Study Math journals!! Math journals have helpful notes, examples, and strategies that can help with studying for state tests. 



    Wed. April 17- Progress Reports go home

    Fri. April 19- GOOD FRIDAY

    Mon. April 22- EASTER MONDAY

    Wed. April 24- Burchfield's's HR takes ELA 1 state test

    Thurs. April 25- Toole's HR takes ELA 1 state test

    Tues. April 30- Toole's HR takes Math 1 state test 

    Wed. May 1- Burchfield's HR takes Math 1 state test

    Tues. May 7- Burchfield's HR tkes ELA 2 state test

    Wed. May 8- Toole's HR takes ELA 2 state est

    Tues. May 14- Toole's HR takes Math 2 state test

    Thurs. May 15- Burchfield's HR take Math 2 state test