Hardy Homework – Feb. 4 - 8


    Homework:  Due Friday, Feb. 8  Plant and Animal Cells



    Science Vocabulary Test – Friday, February 8


    plant cell – the basic building blocks of life in plants

    animal cell – the basic building blocks of life in animals

    nucleus – the brain of the cell, controls all activities

    cytoplasm – a jellly-like substance that holds and protects the cell’s organelles

    vacuole – a large sac that holds food, water and waste

    mitochondria – the “powerhouse” of the cell, structures that release energy

    chloroplasts – green structure found only in plant cells, uses energy from the sun to make food

    cell wall – the outer layer of a plant cell, stiff and rigid so that it can support the cell

    cell membrane – the outer layer of an animal cell, controls what comes into and out of the cell


    Social Studies topic of study:  13 Colonies, broken into 3 groups (New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies)